Strata Management

An efficient, well-managed residential strata scheme is a significant contributing factor towards creating a harmonious communal environment for all residents – regardless of whether they’re owner occupiers or tenants.

At Netstrata we work in collaboration with the Owners Corporation and the Strata Committee to ensure that, as they come up, maintenance issues are rectified speedily, owner’s concerns are addressed diplomatically and the financial records are kept up-to-date.

Our team also has considerable experience managing commercial strata schemes in greater Sydney. We understand the unique requirements specific to commercial operations and capitalising on our expertise will only add a dimension to the businesses operating within the scheme.

Three high rise buildings
Interesting strata building

When you engage the services of Netstrata you will receive:

  • Regular site inspections and building reports delivered within 24 hours on any issue or required repairs.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for common areas.
  • A dedicated Strata Manager, with 24/7 emergency access.
  • A Strata Manager that manages 39% less lots than the industry average, according to Macquarie Relationship Banking Strata Industry Surveys 2011.
  • Strata Health Check where we review all of the major expenditure items within your scheme to ensure the best value is being achieved by the use of our extensive purchasing power as we currently manage over $4billion worth of property.
  • Homeowner strata education guides for the best practices, security and maintenance of your property.
  • On-hand access to scheme records, including current insurance certificates, By-laws and Strata Plans.
  • Monthly financial statements and reports on relevant issues affecting your scheme.

Once you’ve engaged the services of Netstrata, our proactive approach ensures optimum value is delivered to your scheme. As part of this value, we offer an exclusive first 100-day Action Plan. The Action Plan will look like this:

  • Day 1 – Surplus funds will be invested into a trust account to secure your future.
  • Within 7 days – Records established to provide you with all the information you require.
  • Within 14 days – Conduct a detailed site inspection of your scheme to address any issues that need to be fixed immediately.
  • Within 28 days – Review all maintenance, utility and insurance contracts and provide you with the most efficient and economical solutions.
  • Within 42 days – Schedule a meeting with the strata committee and discuss contract. Review outcomes and any other issues that may be affecting your scheme.
  • Within 56 days – Hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Owners Corporation, if required, to implement any items which have been identified as a result of the action plan.
  • Onwards – Provide additional services like pest control programs, cleaning and maintenance programs, and capital expenditure that benefits your scheme.
Green strata garden