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Part A - Contact Details

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Building Details

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Proposed Renovation Works

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Proposed Contractor*:
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Part B - Contractor Checklist

Please attach the following documentation:
✓ Scope of work / Copy of quotation(s).
✓ Sketch or plans of the renovations. (Must clearly identify which walls, doors or partitions will be removed,
altered or installed, any changes to existing services, and location of any new pipes or conduits.)
✓ Copy of your contractor’s trade licence. (All tradespeople must be fully qualified.)
✓ Copy of your contractor’s certificate of currency of public liability. (All contractors must hold public liability insurance.)
✓ Any additional information regarding the proposed Renovation works or contractor(s).

Part C - Change of Flooring

(Please Note: Certain floorings may require a By-Law)
Proposed flooring material:

Location of the new flooring:

To prevent the transmission of noise between apartments, all flooring installations must include an acoustic
underlay that complies with a noise/impact isolation equal or better than that specified in the current National
Construction Code. You must attach the following document(s) to your application:

✓ Certification that the insulation specified for your new flooring will meet the above standards. (This could
be in the form of a letter from the insulation manufacturer confirming compliance with the above
standards, a product specification sheet or certification from an acoustic engineer.)
✓ Anti-slip rating for balcony tiles.

Part D - Air Conditioning

Brand and model number of Air Conditioner:
Details of cooling unit condensation run-off to drainage:
Details of cooling unit pipes and conduit wall penetrations:
You must attach the following documents:
✓ Sketch of where the indoor and outdoor cooling units are to be located.
✓ Certification that the noise level of the Air Conditioning Unit will not exceed 60dBA when operating.

Part E - Bathroom Renovations

(Please Note: Certain works may require a By-Law)
Summary of Work:
Details of tiles (including total area and weight per square metre):
Details of the waterproof membrane:

Part F - Declaration and Indemnity

By signing this Renovation Application, the Owner agrees and acknowledges that:
1. The by-laws for the strata scheme to be complied with at all times.
2. All necessary permissions including building or planning permits have been obtained.
3. All works will be carried out in a safe and workmanlike manner by qualified tradespeople.
4. All contractors visiting the site for the purpose of the Renovations will be informed that the secured common property
including the garage area is smoke free.
5. The Owner indemnifies the Owners Corporation against:
a) Any legal liability, loss, claim or proceedings in respect of any injury, loss or damage to the common property or to
other property to the extent that such injury, loss or damage arises from or in relation to the Renovations;
b) Any amount payable by way of increased building insurance premiums by the Owners Corporation as a direct result
of the Renovations;
6. The Owner must, at the Owner’s cost:
a) Properly maintain and keep the common property on which the device (which forms part of this application) is erected
or attached in a state of good and serviceable repair; and
b) Properly maintain and keep the Renovations in a state of good and serviceable repair and must replace the
Renovations (or any part of them) as required from time to time.
7. If the Owner removes the Renovations or any part of the Renovations made under any approval following this
application, the Owner must at the Owner’s own cost, restore and reinstate the common property to its original
8. Any loss and/or damage suffered by the Owners Corporation as a result of making the Renovations good may be
recovered from the Owner as a debt due to the Owners Corporation on demand with interest at the rate of 10% per
annum until the loss and damage is made good
9. Major building works like demolition are only permitted from 0800 – 1600 Monday to Friday. To preserve amenity
for your neighbours, no weekend noise or vibration is allowed except under exceptional circumstances and only then
if specific approval is given by the Strata Committee.
10. Every effort will be made by the Owner to minimize the impact of their Renovation works on the amenity of fellow
residents or possible damage to common property.
11. All rubbish or waste will be removed from the site daily by the contractors and not placed in the common property
rubbish or recycling bins.
12. At the end of each working day, the Owner will inspect common property areas traversed by the contractors and will
clean the areas of any building waste, material or dust resulting from the Renovations.
13. If you are not named as Owner on the Lot Title you must attach documentary evidence that you are legally entitled
to act on behalf of the Owner, e.g. Company or Trust nominee letter or Power of Attorney.

Owner Name*: