2015 Phone App Survey

We need your help!

Netstrata are currently in the process of designing a mobile phone app for our valued clients. We hope to be able to release the device later this year, however we’d value your feedback and opinion surrounding the design and functionality.

To assist, we’d appreciate your comments and opinion on the new app.

Please either print and fill out the PDF survey, or fill it out online here:

1. What type of devices do you currently use (please tick all relevant devices)

 (a) iPhone (b) Android Phone (c) iPad (d) Other Tablet/Device (e) P.C. / Laptop

2. Which of the following would you find beneficial to use with the application?

(a) Submitting Maintenance Requests  Yes No
(b) Accessing Documents and Information, including:

- Meeting Notices & Minutes  Yes No
- By-laws  Yes No
- Insurance Certificates  Yes No
- Building Financial Reports  Yes No
- Owner Ledger Reports  Yes No
(c) Submitting Proxy Votes for Meetings  Yes No
(d) View and Pay Levies  Yes No
What other features / functions would you find beneficial?

3. How likely would you use the Owner App?

4. Have you been to your schemes Client Portal at our Website?

 Yes No

5. Have you registered to receive your Meeting Notices, Minutes and Levy notices from our office electronically?

 Yes No

6. Design / Look and Feel

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see 3 prototypes. Which of the 3 designs do you prefer? Please select Option A, B or C:
 Option A Option B Option C

Almost done! Please enter the text in the image below and then hit 'submit':


Option A
Option B
Option C