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[Stephen] Netstrata commenced in 95, and our focus was really on providing a customer service based management for our client schemes.

We achieve that by three prongs really: One is technology, the other one is training, and the other is a severe focus on customer service… So that’s what we’re all about.

Our management expertise really extends from your little two lot strata scheme, right up to your big 6-700 lot strata schemes. Anything really within the strata realm, we focus on and we’re proud to boast that we’re experts in that field.

[Jeremy] The requirements of good strata management is not just located to one specific area in Sydney.

[Dianne] Our buildings range as far as Dee Why, down to the South Coast, all over Sydney.

[Jeremy] Our strata managers manage about 39 percent less than the industry average. As a result of that we’re able to spend more time on the management of the strata scheme, we try and take a lot of the bureaucracy out of strata management, and ensure things are happening at the building.

[Peter] Owners see us on site, and that builds a rapport with those owners, and that they are comfortable that we’re familiar with the building, when there’s contractors there, trades there, we know where to direct them or take them there.

[James] A lot of our new business that comes to us is through happy clients, word of mouth, so a friend referring a friend or a person that owns in another building and they’re happy with their current service.

Not through acquisition but from actually strata schemes coming to us, seeing what we do and understanding the Netstrata difference.

[Christine] We have extensive knowledge and training within the office, and with handling building defect claims and handling building defect claims.

We attend courses regularly, we also have in-house training on a fortnightly basis, to ensure we’re kept up-to-date with everything that’s happening and the changes with the legislation.

[Tanya] My names Tanya Gough, I look after the Netstrata Wollongong office, we opened in April 2011, so we’ve been here for about two and a half years now.

Since opening the office down here, we’ve had a lot of success bringing new buildings on, new developments. New developers are always coming in, dropping off their plans and talking to us.

Existing buildings are also coming over to us, from other strata companies, so yeah our name is getting around the Wollongong regional area. The business is growing, it’s been growing tenfold since we started.

[Client – Peter] The Netstrata 100 day action plan got things moving fast and cost effectively.

[Client – Sean] Knowing that our dedicated manager was available 24/7 was very reassuring.

[Tanya] From small home units and townhouses, to high-rises, shopping centres, restaurants and more, we’ll provide a superior service as an industry leader with professional strata management.

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