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What’s available to all WEBPortal Clients?

1. Financial Reports

  • The Year to Date Financials for your scheme
  • The Owner Ledger & Balances for your lot
  • Previous year reports

2. The Minutes Book

  • Copies of recent Annual General Meeting Notices & Minutes
  • Copies of recent Extraordinary General Meeting Notices & Minutes
  • Copies of recent Strata Committee Notices & Minutes

3. Insurances

  • A copy of the Current Certificate of Insurance
  • A copy of the most recent Valuation
  • A copy of the current Insurance Policy & Disclosure Statement

4. By-laws

  • A complete copy of the registered By-laws for your scheme

5. Administrative Plans

  • Access the strata and community title plans applicable to your scheme, including;
  • Your Strata, Neighbourhood or Community Plan
  • Strata Management Statement (if applicable)
  • Building Management Statement (if applicable)

6. Other Information and Reports Unique to your Scheme, including;

  • Sinking Fund Reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Defect Reports (if any)
  • WH&S Reports (if any)
  • Termite Inspection Reports (if any)

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